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Business Formation 
Which is better?  A corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or simple sole proprietorship?  The legal form of your business makes a difference in the taxes you pay and your exposure to other potential liabilities.  We can help you select the business structure that best fits your needs and future plans.  
Business Planning
What are your plans for the future? Do you have children who will run your business some day?  Do you plan to grow through acquisition of other companies? We have successgully guided many through these processes.  It makes sense to hire professionals with experience. 
Experience you can trust
Experienced legal counsel you can trust.   
Gerald (Jerry) Gaggini -
Before entering the practice of law in 2000, Mr. Gaggini had already been intimately involved in private business.  He served as vice president of marketing for a regional pest control business based in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962.  After graduating with honors (cum laude) from Mississippi College School of Law, he began practicing law and has successfully defended, represented, or otherwise counseled many privately owned businesses.
Steven (Steve) L. Lacey -
Mr. Lacey, a retired United States Navy Deep Sea Diver, graduated from Mississippi College School of Law and began practicing law in Jackson, Mississippi in April of 2000. Mr. Lacey has specialized in defending lawsuits brought against both privately owned business and government entities.     
Potential lawsuits can come from employees, customers, franchise relations, and other claimants.  When you need effective representation in any of these areas we are prepared to vigorously defend your interests.
Insurance Defense
Mr. Gaggini and Mr. Lacey also offer a full service insurance defense firm with significant experience defending public entities, officials and employees in Civil Rights litigation in both state and federal courts. We regularly defend public employers with respect to First Amendment claims and public entities in general liability litigation involving negligence and personal injury claims, and against claims of age, religion, race, gender and disability discrimination.
Fighting for Your Best Interests

Experience to protect you and your business

Related Areas of Practice

In addition to the practice areas described earlier, Gaggini & Lacey provide experienced assistance in the following areas of law:
1.    Contracts - review, drafting and revision of non-compete agreements, service contracts, leases, buy-sell
       agreements and other legal documents.
2.    Administrative law - counsel and representation with all local, state and federal authorities.
3.    Conflicts counsel - when a conflict of interest occurs between defendants or between the defendant             and his insuror, a client is entitled to separate counsel of his choosing.  We are here to represent you.
The attorneys at Gaggini & Lacey have assisted business owners in the following matters:
  • Copyrights and tradename/trademark registration 
  • Enforcement of non-compete agreements
  • Selling a business
  • Buying a business
  • Contracts and business documents that limit your exposure to claims 
  • Drafting company policies and handbooks
  • Endemnity agreements
  • Representation with regulatory agencies
  • Environmental contamination issues
It's really not a question of if  you are going to be involved in a lawsuit, it's when.  Experienced legal counsel  doesn't cost, it pays.  
We recognize the special trust relationship between the client and the lawyer.  We place our client's best interests ahead of all other concerns.   What you tell us is confidential.  We diligently represent you and your business.  You can always expect us to represent your needs.  
When a lawsuit is filed against you or your business, you need attorneys with actual courtroom experience.  
Mr. Gaggini and Mr. Lacey have have decades of experience handling such cases.  
As a professional you know how to do your job.  We know the law.  We can provide clear, simple advice ensuring you fully understand all the options available so we can together make a balanced decision about how to proceed.

Gaggini & Lacey
Attorneys at Law

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